The Best Cheap Stock Photos Ever

The best cheap stock photos ever will be the ones that make your project jump off the page and capture the audience’s attention from the moment they first see it. However, the amount of time that can go into making this happen can be a daunting task. There is a way to find the perfect cheap stock photo without spending hours on the internet.

Start by conducting a keyword search to reduce the sheer amount of overwhelming cheap photo stock images staring back at you. Before you start your search, create a list of words that best describe the image you want to find. For example, if you are doing a project on dogs, you want to search by a particular type or breed of dog. Otherwise, you will quickly have twenty pages of images that you will have to navigate through to find just the right dog image.

Add originality to your project by looking for a unique cheap stock photo that will be unlike anything someone else may use too. To do this, you need to skip ahead a few pages in the search engine results. Your best cheap stock photos ever will be found on page three and on. By this point, all of the carbon copy photos that everyone uses will be behind you. Now you will have a generous selection of cheap photo stock images that will bring personality to your project, making it stand out from the crowd.

Once you find an image that catches your eye, download it to your computer by right-clicking on the image and selecting the ‘save image as’ option when the menu bar appears. Here you can determine the name of the picture as well as the location you want to store it in on your computer. When you are ready to place it into your project, just locate the file folder, click on the image and place it on the page and watch your idea spring into action.

Play around with the presentation a little bit to find the right sizing, coloring and any additional features you want for the image. Depending on the picture you select, you may be able to add text to it and create a black and white or grayscale copy of the picture as well. It will enhance the overall creativity aspect of your project. You will be confident that your original creation stands out in the crowd.

How Much Does Adobe Stock Cost?

While there are plenty of stock photo sites in the market, not one offers what Adobe Stock can offer – an integrated workflow. Adobe Stock is the only stock photo site integrated with your favorite Creative Cloud editing software. If you are looking to save time from reworks, this is the stock site for you. But, how much does Adobe Stock cost?

We understand if you are worried that the images may cost higher than what other stock agencies offer. But, Adobe Stock pricing is actually pretty affordable.

  • Monthly Plan
    Adobe Stock’s monthly plan comes with 3 standard assets for only $29.99 per month. There is no annual commitment, so you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. If you need to download additional assets, you can too by purchasing a single image for only $9.99. You can also rollover up to 36 standard assets when you renew your subscription.
  • Annual Plans

There are three annual plans that you can choose from, depending on your creative needs and budget. There’s the $29.99 per month plan that comes with 10 standard assets and rollover of up to 120 images. If you want to purchase additional images, you can for only $2.99 per image. The $79.99 per month plan allows you to download 40 standard assets and enjoy rollovers of up to 480 images. Additional images are also much cheaper at $1.99 each.

If you have massive creative needs per month, there is the $199.99 per month subscription, which includes 750 images per month. Additional assets are available at the lowest possible price of $0.99 each.

If you are worried how much Adobe Stock cost, you don’t have to. The stock photo site offers subscriptions that will suit any budget. Currently, the stock site offers a FREE trial when you sign up – giving you 10 standard assets to download risk-free.

6 Reasons to Buy a Getty Images Ultrapack

Getty Images is a global digital media company that aims to move the world with creativity. It represents over 250,000 talented individuals – photographers and content creators from around the world. Every day, thousands of creative professionals benefit from the largest digital media website in the world. Many bloggers, web designers and businesspersons flourish through the website’s premium royalty-free images and videos.


In the past, purchasing images from the photo website is a long and complex process. But, that changes now. Getty Images offers Ultrapacks, which are faster and simpler purchasing option. Ultrapacks are pre-made packages of images that you can buy on demand. They provide volume discounts, which make them better than buying a single image or video. The larger Ultrapack you buy, the more you save. Here are 8 other reasons why you should buy a Getty Images Ultrapack:

  • Pay upfront and download images whenever you want. The Ultrapack has no hidden fees and commitment. You do not have to worry about extra fees and periodic charges along the road. They also do not expire. You can download your content anytime.
  • Save up to 30% on original image price. Ultrapacks provide volume discounts. They have built-in savings, so you do not have to use a coupon or promo code to further your savings. To get the best value for your money, we recommend buying a larger image pack.
  • Access to a vast image collection. Getty Images has over 50 million commercial photos and videos. With an Ultrapack, you access the entire library, including Editorial images to find the perfect image for your creative projects.
  • Get a simplified custom license. The license included in the Ultrapacks provides you with unlimited user seats, unlimited print runs and impressions, and full indemnification. This means you can use the images in any project for as long as you like, unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions.
  • Get extra rights. If the user rights included in the Ultrapacks do not meet your creative needs, you can also license the images on an a la carte You will have to go through a series of online steps to license the rights-managed image according to your creative needs.
  • Ultrapacks do not expire. As long as you sign in to your account at least once a year, your Ultrapacks will never expire. For instance, you purchase the Ultrapack with 5 images but only got to use one of them. You can still download the remaining four whenever you want as long your account remains active.


Every photo website provides irresistible reasons to purchase royalty free images and videos from them. Getty Images stand out from all of them by giving its avid customers the chance to access a vast collection, download images at a discounted rate without using coupons, and get extra rights.